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TigerWit copy rules

Copy account: The system will use the specific account to copy Master, will be automatically generated when no copy account, all copy operations are performed using the specific copy account;

Follow the Master: You can follow up to 10 masters. Each master has a different level of copying, and you can choose to copy it according to your account.

Copy funds: The copy funds can be set by themselves. The minimum value cannot be lower than the minimum copy amount of the master. The maximum value cannot exceed the available copy amount of your account.

* Available copy funds = balance – copied master funds

Follow master open positions

1. Once the user has successfully followed the master, the master will open position and the user’s account will begin to copy the master. * User open positions = (master’s orders lot * follower funds) / master’s balance

User open trading available margin = follower funds – follow margin + follow profit and loss. when the copy of funds is insufficient, will no longer follow the master orders.

2. If the master closes immediately after opening the position in a very short time, this may cause the order to fail.

3. User’s account only follows the master’s open positions, the master’s pending order transaction will not be copied. When the pending order becomes position, the user’s account will follow the open position.

Follow the master to close the position

1. After successfully follow the master, when the master closes the position, the user’s account will follow to close the position, and the order profit and loss will be recorded in the copy amount.

2. You can manually close the follow position without canceling the following relationship.

3. You can modify the position status, the follow position can be modified in the APP as: Do not follow to close. After the status is successfully modified, the master closes the position, the order will not be closed, and you can manually close the position or set the take profit/stop loss to close the position.

4. When you cancel the follow relationship, you can choose to force the position to close or follow the master to close the order in the position.

5. TigerWit does not bear any responsibility for the profit or loss generated by the user following the master.

Following master profit commission

1. On the 1st of each month, the system counts and settles the user’s follow situation, deducting 20% of the profit part as the commission of the master; on the 10th of each month, the system settles the commission for the master.

2. If the user cancels the follow relationship and selects ‘Cancel following and force-close your order’, the system will count and settle all orders following the master, deducting 20% of the profit portion as the commission of the master.

3. If the user cancels the following relationship and selects ‘Cancel following but do not close order’, when all the positions of following the master are closed, the system will count all the orders following the master and settle, deducting 20% of the profit portion as the commission of the master.

4. As long as you open the position follow the master, the commission will be settled.

When deciding to follow masters, you confirm that you have considered your overall financial situation, including financial commitments, and that you understand that using copy-to-order services is highly speculative and you can afford potential losses for copying masters. Please note that we are unable to provide any guarantees regarding the performance of any particular investment, account, portfolio or strategy.

If you have any questions about the rules, please contact customer service or send e-mail to