TigerWit, a leading financial services provider, announces plans to open offices in Southern Africa in the Republic of Botswana. TigerWit plans to open its sales and customer service centre in the Republic of Botswana to expand its presence and education in the region due to the growing demand.

The company is planning to expand its presence to Southern Africa region through the company’s new Botswana office and a solid partnership with Cejay FX Trading Company, a local company that has offered online trading educational services for more than 5 years in the region.

Commenting on the recent announcement, Edmond Chukwujioke, Regional Director of TigerWit East Africa, said: “I am so proud of our TigerWit team for their hard work to bring financial knowledge & experience to the Southern African region. The opening of our offices in Botswana will be a milestone for the company and a great opportunity to be closer to our African clients and deliver an even higher quality of service while working side by side with our partners”.

TigerWit is currently offering its clients instant access to financial instruments including oil, shares and gold through the trading app on iOS and Android. Through the recent opening, TigerWit aims to accelerate its expansion in the Southern Africa region.

Mr Chukwujioke added: “Our trading technology is based on blockchain and rare within the region. This along with the innovative and advanced platforms and services we provide puts TigerWit well ahead of the curve, in line with the transparency we’re known for globally. I’m immensely excited about this new challenge, and I look forward to witnessing what we can achieve in the region and being able to greet clients to provide a personal touch”.

Statement from the CEO Gillian Lao Redding: “We are delighted to have partnered with a world-class Broker TigerWit, that has been a front runner in innovation, excellent customer service and transparency in the Online Trading industry.

TigerWit’s copy trading platform has indeed made trading very easy for clients. We look forward to this strategic partnership and our doors are wide open to welcome to all our clients”.

TigerWit offers Forex, Stock and Oil trading to global clients via its award-winning app.

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